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InsureMO for Automotive and Mobility

InsureMO expedites the digital transformation of the automotive and mobility sector by offering an extensive array of purpose-designed products, unparalleled APIs, and fostering a robust community of partners and developers.
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Transforming Auto & Mobility Insurance with InsureMO


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Insurance Carriers

One platform for all automotive & mobility insurance products

InsureMO transforms the Auto and Mobility ecosystem, empowering all stakeholders to streamline and enhance their insurance offerings, fostering collaboration, and driving digital innovation.


Bundle innovative insurance products to meet evolving customer needs.

Digital Transformation

Modernize your insurance systems and processes for the digital era.

Distribution Channels

Embed insurance seamlessly into your customer experience.


Streamline policy issuance, underwriting, and management.

InsureMO for Auto & Mobility Partners

Diversify your revenue streams with InsureMO. Add vehicle insurance and mobility protection products to your offerings.

  • Add vehicle insurance and mobility protection products
  • Digital insurance integrated into native journeys
  • Bundle protection plans into offerings
  • Delight Vehicle Owners Experience

InsureMO for Insurance Carriers & MGAs

Rapidly configure, embed and distribute innovative digital insurance products tailored to connected mobility ecosystems.

  • Rapid product configuration and distribution
  • Embed digital insurance in mobility partner channels
  • Co-create innovative offerings
  • Expand shared economy products

InsureMO Platform Features

Our platform offers modular insurance product configuration, allowing you to tailor your offerings to specific customer needs.
Rapid Product Configuration

Configure and launch innovative mobility insurance products quickly through modular product factories

Omni-Channel Distribution

Embed and distribute insurance seamlessly across digital properties, apps, portals using experience layers

Ecosystem Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with existing mobility partner systems and data through robust APIs and microservices

Customer Engagement

Drive higher engagement across user journeys with tailored interactive insurance experiences

User Interface

We create functional and intuitive interfaces for mobile platforms.

Premium Support

We create functional and intuitive interfaces for mobile platforms.


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