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Leveraging InsureMO to Expand Offerings and Drive Customer Loyalty CRED Partners with InsureMO to Seamlessly Integrate Insurance Solutions, Diversify Revenue Streams, and Enhance User Experience

Powering CRED's Insurance Offerings through Innovative Technology and Seamless Integration

  • CRED is an India-based fintech unicorn with a valuation of $2.2 billion, specializing in rewarding users for responsible financial behavior.
  • The company’s innovative approach to financial management and rewarding responsible behavior has made it a popular choice among Indian consumers looking for an all-in-one financial management solution.
  • The company identified insurance as a key offering to enhance its value proposition, creating a new revenue stream and increasing customer loyalty.


  • Process complexities: Similar to traditional insurers,lower margins
  • Operational efficiency:High volumes, automation
  • Cost management: Viability, cost-effective strategies
  • Product design: Streamlining for large transactional volumes
  • Process automation: High levels, airtime & mobile payments


  • Seamless integration of insurance offerings with InsureMO.
  • Enhanced user experience and diversified insurance products.
  • Life, health, and auto insurance available for users.
  • Leveraged technology: Convergence of telecommunications and insurance
  • Increased customer loyalty through comprehensive financial services.

To develop successful embedded insurance, aYo aimed to insert itself into the TelCo and mobile handset behavior journey, specifically focusing on airtime recharge and mobile money (remittances). The latter was identified as a key focus area due to the rapid growth of mobile money in Africa (outside South Africa), where banking systems were less mature and customers primarily transacted digitally via mobile phones.

Background and Business Needs:

CRED, a fintech unicorn based in India with a valuation of $2.2 billion, is a members-only app that rewards users for timely credit card bill payments by providing exclusive offers and access to premium experiences. As a comprehensive financial platform, CRED sought to expand its value proposition by offering insurance products, creating a new revenue stream and increasing customer loyalty.


To successfully offer insurance products, CRED needed a partner capable of providing seamless integration with multiple carrier systems, developing niche insurance products, and offering robust APIs for sales, servicing, and claims management.


CRED turned to InsureMO to power its insurance offerings. The CRED app is powered by InsureMO APIs for both sales and servicing of insurance policies, claims, and seamless integration with multiple carrier systems. InsureMO enables CRED to develop niche insurance products with carriers and bundle insurance purchases with credit card bill payment services, providing a better customer buying experience.

Results and Impact:

  • Digital Infrastructure
    By partnering with InsureMO, CRED has been able to offer a range of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance, to its users. This has helped CRED diversify its revenue streams and increase customer stickiness, providing a one-stop-shop for its users’ financial needs.
  • Improved User Experience
    The seamless integration of insurance offerings into the CRED platform, enabled by InsureMO, has enhanced the overall user experience and solidified CRED’s position as a comprehensive financial services provider.