InsureMO Copyrights and Trademarks Usage Guide

Updated on 13 October 2023

Welcome to our Copyright and Trademark Usage Guide. This guide is designed to assist you in understanding and complying with our copyright and trademark usage policies.

With the mission to make insurance easy, InsureMO Corporation Pte. Ltd. and/or its affiliates (“InsureMO”, “we” or “us”) is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies that empower innovation and connectivity in the insurance industry and environment. We deeply prioritize and appreciate originality, taking our valuable intellectual property rights seriously, and expecting you to do the same. To delve into further details regarding InsureMO’s policies on copyright and trademarks, please explore the options below.

A. Copyright Usage Guidelines

Ownership and Protection of Copyrights

All content found in the InsureMO website or our platforms, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, videos, audio, software, and other materials (“Content”), is protected by the applicable copyright laws and other related rights of InsureMO or its affiliates. InsureMO reserves all rights to the copyright and related rights in the Content.

Limited Use and Attribution

You are permitted to use InsureMO’s copyrighted Content for non-commercial or informational purposes, provided proper attribution is given. Any modifications to the Content require explicit written permission from InsureMO.

Prohibited Activities

You may not engage in activities that infringe upon InsureMO’s copyrights, including but not limited to unauthorized reproduction, distribution, adaptation, display, or performance of the copyrighted Content.

B. Trademarks Usage Guidelines

Any information about “InsureMO®” and other InsureMO trademarks on the “website” / “online” includes, but is not limited to, text, symbols, names, products, business names, images, photographs, audio, video, designs, pictures, logos, characters, page headers, button icons, scripts, service names, and other marks in any form (collectively “Trademarks”) are subject to the protection of intellectual property rights and other related rights of InsureMO or its affiliates. If you wish to learn more about InsureMO’s Trademarks, please refer to the Trademarks Center.

Proper Trademark Use

Proper use of our Trademarks is essential to maintain the integrity and reputation of our brand. Here are some guidelines to ensure correct Trademark usage:

  – Correct Branding: Ensure that you accurately and properly use our company name, logo, or product names as provided by us.

 – No Confusion: Do not use our Trademarks in a way that could confuse or mislead customers, partners, or the general public, or imply a partnership, endorsement, or sponsorship which may not exist.

 – Respect Brand Integrity: Use our Trademarks in a manner that respects and enhances our brand’s integrity, reputation, and value.

 – No Derogatory Use: Avoid using our Trademarks in a derogatory, defamatory, or offensive manner.

 – Maintain Distinction: Maintain a clear distinction between your brand and ours. Make it clear that your company is separate from ours.

 – Attribution: Include appropriate trademark symbols (e.g., ® for registered trademarks) and provide proper attribution as required by applicable trademark laws.


AI Data Models

You may not use or scrape any trademarks, content, or data of InsureMO or any of its affiliates for the creation or training of AI models or tools, including but not limited to machine learning models, generative models, deep learning models, and artificial neural networks.

Important Note

The absence of specific trademarks and trademark names from Trademarks Center does not in any way waive or diminish InsureMO’s rights pertaining to its Trademarks or other intellectual property associated with the brand.


C. Intellectual Property Usage and Enforcement

At InsureMO, the proper use and protection of our intellectual property, including copyrights and Trademarks, are of utmost importance. This section provides guidelines for commercial use and the enforcement of these rights.

Commercial Use of Copyrights and Trademarks

Commercial utilization of InsureMO’s copyrights and Trademarks necessitates the establishment of a distinct licensing agreement. If you have any inquiries regarding commercial use, please contact our IP team at

Enforcement of Copyrights and Trademarks

InsureMO is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use may result in legal action to safeguard those rights. We reserve the right to revoke permission for the use of our copyrights and Trademarks at any time.


Thank you for your cooperation in complying with our Copyright and Trademark Usage Guide. We value your support and look forward to continuing to provide excellent services to you.