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InsureMO Case Studies

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Empowering Trust with DigitalCore: A Journey Towards Digital Transformation

Trust Holding modernized its legacy insurance system by integrating eBaoCloud DigitalCore, enhancing business agility and innovation across multiple countries, leading to the efficient management of diverse products and streamlined operations.

Aegon Life India Embraces Digital Channels for Enhanced Customer Experience

Aegon Life India, adopting a digital-first approach, integrated InsureMO to accelerate its product launch and offer a seamless customer experience across various channels.

InsureMO's PaaS Solution Empowers VSure to Transform the Malaysian Insurance Landscape as the First On-Demand Digital Insurer

Using InsureMO’s cutting-edge technology, VSure pioneers accessible, inclusive, and customizable on-demand protection solutions, marking a significant shift in the insurance industry.

InsureMO helps an MNC Insurer Launches its SME Lines in China

By adopting InsureMO, the Insurer efficiently expanded into China's SME insurance market, demonstrating product launch agility and offering an enhanced user experience.

InsureMO Powers China Continent Insurance Company's Digital Transformation

Leveraging InsureMO's advanced digital platform, China Continent Insurance Company successfully transitioned to a cloud-native, microservices-based system, accelerating product launches and enhancing ecosystem connectivity, setting a global benchmark in insurance technology.

Indeez Revolutionizes Gig Economy Insurance with InsureMO

Accelerating Market Entry, Reducing Development Costs, and Unlocking Revenue Potential with Innovative Insurance Products.

How one of the largest private insurer in India achieved a faster time-to-market across all of its digital channels leveraging InsureMO

InsureMO's microservices-based architecture enables the insurer to onboard digital channels at a faster pace and lower costs.

Leveraging Technology and Convergence of Telecommunications and Insurance to Provide Micro- Insurance Solutions in Africa

By using the InsureMO platform in a headless manner, aYo was able to easily connect it with various other systems, overcoming the limitations of traditional policy admin systems and enabling them to efficiently manage their embedded insurance solutions for a vast customer base.