Insurtech Insights Hong Kong Conference

🚀Dont’s miss Rajat Sharma from InsureMO at the Insurtech Insights Hong Kong Conference with Unqork! 🌟
📅 Date: December 6
📍 Venue: Insurtech Insights Conference, Hong Kong

🤝 We’re excited to announce a special session at the Insurtech Insights Conference featuring Rajat Sharma from InsureMO, alongside  with Farooq Sheikh from Unqork. Our unique collaboration highlights the integration of InsureMO‘s robust middle office capabilities with Unqork‘s advanced no-code platform, driving unprecedented transformation in the insurance ecosystem.

🚀 Session Highlights:
Explore the synergy between InsureMO’s middle office prowess and Unqork’s no-code platform.
Discover how this collaboration is accelerating change at scale in the insurance sector.
Insights into how this partnership is enhancing agility and efficiency across the industry.

🎙️ Why This Session is a Game-Changer:
Join Rajat and Farooq as they delve into the dynamics of this powerful alliance. Learn how their combined expertise is not just transforming, but revolutionizing the insurance landscape at a rapid pace.
This session is a must for insurance professionals, tech enthusiasts, and innovators keen on understanding the future of insurance technology. Witness first-hand how the fusion of InsureMO and Unqork is setting new benchmarks in the industry.
👉 Be Part of the Transformation: Join us to see how these combined forces are redefining the possibilities in insurance technology.