Accelerate Your Insurance Innovation Journey in Just One Week

Welcome to the InsureMO One Week Challenge, an exclusive virtual program that empowers Insurance Carriers and Insurtechs to showcase their ideas on our cutting-edge platform. In just one week, you'll have the opportunity to bring your insurance product to life, integrate seamlessly with channels, and address unique use cases, all with the guidance of our expert team.
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Unlock Your Insurance Innovation Potential!

Any Product, Any Channel, and Any Insurance Use Case.
Access to InsureMO Technology

Utilize our advanced insurance tech platform, equipped with ready-to-use features and microservices architecture.

Reusability, Leveraging Existing Assets

Maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness by leveraging your existing assets and resources throughout the innovation journey.

Quick, Fast, and Speed to Market

Experience a rapid product development process, significantly reducing time-to-market and gaining a competitive edge.

Integration, Connectivity, Ecosystem Platforms

Seamlessly integrate with diverse platforms, channels, and ecosystem partners, unlocking new opportunities.

Microservices and Cloud-Based

Harness the power of microservices and cloud technology for enhanced agility, scalability, and adaptability.

Unlimited Potential

Our challenge welcomes any insurance product, any channel, and addresses various insurance use cases, allowing you to explore endless opportunities.

Submit Your Idea

Share your innovative insurance concept, channel integration plan, or specific use case through our simple online submission form.

Ends July 6

Selection Process

Our expert team will draw and select the most promising ideas for participation in the One Week Challenge.

Ends July 13

One Week Sprint

Engage in a focused and collaborative week of development, leveraging InsureMO's cutting-edge technology and guidance.

Starts July 20

Showcase and Recognition

Present your developed product, integration, or use case at the closing celebration event.

Ends July 27

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