InsureMO Partners with Cyble to Elevate Cybersecurity Solutions in Insurance Industry

Sydney, 24-Nov-2023 – InsureMO, a pioneer in insurance technology solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Cyble, a leader in AI-driven cyber threat intelligence. This collaboration is set to enhance Cyble’s capabilities, offering a groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity in the insurance sector.

Elevating Cyble’s Cybersecurity Expertise with InsureMO’s Technology

The partnership uniquely positions InsureMO to augment Cyble’s already robust cyber threat monitoring tools. By integrating with InsureMO’s state-of-the-art insurance platform, Cyble’s advanced product, Cyble Vision, will see its applications in risk assessment and management reach new heights. This integration is poised to transform how cyber threats are monitored and mitigated in the insurance domain.

Real-Time Data Integration for Advanced Decision-Making

A critical aspect of this partnership is the integration of real-time, AI-driven cyber threat data from Cyble into InsureMO’s platform. This synergy empowers insurance professionals with enhanced decision-making capabilities, greatly improving efficiency and responsiveness in underwriting and claims processing.

Mutual Benefits: Advancing Cybersecurity for a Safer Insurance Industry

Clients of both InsureMO and Cyble stand to benefit significantly from this partnership. InsureMO’s technology not only enhances the depth and applicability of Cyble’s cyber threat insights but also ensures that these insights are seamlessly incorporated into insurance processes, providing a more secure and efficient experience for end-users.

Future-Proofing Insurance with Cutting-Edge Technology

This partnership is a testament to InsureMO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in insurance. By enhancing Cyble’s cybersecurity solutions, InsureMO reinforces its role as a catalyst for transformation in the industry, driving both entities towards a future where insurance is more secure, agile, and adapted to the challenges of the digital age.

Stay Informed About this Transformative Partnership

For detailed information on the evolving dynamics of this partnership and its progressive impact on the insurance industry, follow InsureMO and Cyble on their respective platforms. Regular updates will be provided on the continuous enhancements and successes stemming from this collaboration.

About InsureMO

InsureMO is a globally recognized insurance middleware platform, dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape of the insurance ecosystem. Serving a diverse range of stakeholders, including insurance carriers, insurtech companies, and independent software vendors, the platform is pivotal in modernizing and streamlining insurance operations on a global scale.

Highlighting its impressive capabilities, InsureMO manages a colossal 1.2 Billion API calls daily. It has efficiently processed 65 Million policies within a 24-hour span and overseen an annual gross written premium (GWP) exceeding US$20B. Furthermore, it supports over 300 insurance carriers worldwide, offering an expansive suite of over 3,000 product SKUs, 5,000 channels, and 4,000 APIs. These metrics underscore InsureMO’s vast reach, capacity, and commitment to excellence in the insurance domain.

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About Cyble

‍Cyble (YC W21) is a prominent global leader in AI-powered cyber threat intelligence, specializing in the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Surface Web. Cyble’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it prestigious accolades, including recognition among America’s Best Startup Employers by Forbes and multiple wins at the Global InfoSec Awards 2023. It has also been honored as one of the Fastest-growing Cybersecurity Companies-2023 in North America by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. With a strong emphasis on workplace satisfaction, Cyble has been named one of the Most Preferred Workplaces in 2023 by Team Marksmen.

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