Revolutionising the Gig Economy with Innovative Embedded Insurance! Covering Passengers on the Go!

Bengaluru, 25-Aug-2023 – InsureMO is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that is set to transform the gig economy in India. Teaming up with OLA Insure and Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd., we are redefining Rider Protection to ensure the safety and security of Ola passengers as they travel in OLA cabs. 🚘✨

Seamless Integration, Empowered Protection

In this game-changing collaboration, OLA Insure has harnessed the cutting-edge capabilities of InsureMO, the world’s leading API-based insurance tech platform, to seamlessly integrate the Rider Protection bundle into the ride booking journey. 

Rider Protection covers a wide range of scenarios, including accident death, permanent disability, hospitalization, OPD coverage, flight delay, home insurance, fire protection, ambulance cover, and more. This comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind to Ola riders, ensuring their well-being in every aspect of their journey.

InsureMO’s platform manages millions of policies daily and boasts a library of over 3,000 ready products, powering an impressive USD 20 billion in annual premiums globally. We take immense pride in our ability to rapidly launch Rider Protection for Ola riders, efficiently supporting the ever-growing, massive volumes associated with Ola’s services.

But That’s Not All! Unlocking the Potential of the Gig Economy

Beyond Ola, there exists a vast untapped potential within the gig economy landscape. Many platforms have yet to fully harness the power of insurance to enhance customer experiences and ensure comprehensive protection for gig workers. From food delivery to freelance marketplaces, there’s a world of opportunities waiting to be explored.

According to Saurabh Mehta, Global Head of Affinity and Channel Business at, “There is a massive untapped potential within the gig economy landscape. Many platforms are yet to fully harness the power of insurance to drive better customer experience and protection for gig ecosystem. From food delivery to freelance marketplaces, there’s a world of opportunities waiting to be explored.”

InsureMO is committed to revolutionizing the gig economy, making it safer and more secure for both customers and gig workers alike. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to innovate and redefine insurance in the digital age. 

About InsureMO

InsureMO is a globally recognized insurance middleware platform, dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape of the insurance ecosystem. Serving a diverse range of stakeholders, including insurance carriers, insurtech companies, and independent software vendors, the platform is pivotal in modernizing and streamlining insurance operations on a global scale.

Highlighting its impressive capabilities, InsureMO manages a colossal 1.2 Billion API calls daily. It has efficiently processed 65 Million policies within a 24-hour span and overseen an annual gross written premium (GWP) exceeding US$20B. Furthermore, it supports over 300 insurance carriers worldwide, offering an expansive suite of over 3,000 product SKUs, 5,000 channels, and 4,000 APIs. These metrics underscore InsureMO’s vast reach, capacity, and commitment to excellence in the insurance domain.

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About OLA 

Ola is India’s largest mobility platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies. Ola revolutionised urban mobility by making it available on-demand for over a billion people across 3 continents. Ola Insure is the umbrella brand for all insurance related products within the Ola ecosystem. Ola Insure encompasses a wide variety of products across categories. These products cater to an Ola App users vehicle (cars, bikes,electric vehicles), travel, asset and health protection needs. Ola insure also offers commercial motor solutions for driver-partners in India.

While other insurances might be heavy on the pocket, Ola Insure products offer pocket friendly pricing with flexible daily, monthly and annual subscriptions. The plans are crafted to suit real protection needs of Ola consumers with fully digital processes.