Easily incorporate ISO ERC 2.0 into your products with
ISO Middle Office

InsureMO now supports ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC 2.0), which includes complete and current rating data and rules for all major ISO lines in the United States

Reduce ISO implementation time

Easily incorporate ISO ERC into your business lines

Receive automatic ISO circular updates

Decrease on-going circular maintenance

Reduce manual work, effort and save time

Dynamically compare and customize ISO content

API-led configuration across all products

Setup in days vs. months of traditional implementation

NEW! InsureMO ISO Middle Office

InsureMO® adopts Verisk’s ISO Electronic Rating Content for U.S., Boosting Insurers’ Efficiency and Speed to Market. InsureMO® offers the next generation of Verisk’s ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) to the U.S. market via Out of Box Products, API's, Product memo and runtime tools.

Rate your policies in your PAS in real time

Reduce time and effort when updating ISO rates, rules, loss costs, and forms without a major information technology investment.

InsureMO® now offers on-demand capabilities from Verisk ISO ERC™

ISO ERC™ content is organized, configurable and available via API with a subscription to InsureMO®.
Update or roll out new ISO-based proprietary products

Quick roll-out and maintenance of ISO ERC 2-based (“ISO”) product content, rates, rules, forms and loss cost.

Expand business geographically

Expand your target market with ISO-based capabilities to offer.

Benchmark against ISO rate plans

Leverage an ISO rater for rate indications and quotes or baseline filed rates against ISO rate plans.

Establish new digital distribution connection

InsureMO offers robust, scalable insurance solution that enables connectivity to the insurance technology and business ecosystem.

Implementing ISO- based rating engine

Automated updates to commercial lines rating programs combined with a state-of-the-art rating and policy management solution.

Stand up a greenfield operation

ISO or ISO-based products for new greenfield operations or for start-up insurers or MGAs can easily and quickly be set up for live operations within days or weeks.